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VSCode Multipass instance creation

Daniel uses Multipass rather than VSCode devcontainers, since he has some Windows machines with no Hyper-V and can’t run Docker Desktop, which devcontainers on Windows requires.

Two-repo Netlify technique for module CI

Having a demo/test site embedded in a Hugo module causes large bandwidth consumption during its normal use as a module. We split the site and module into separate git repos, but keep a deploy as part of the CI process.

Docker network: LAN to container

When using Docker to containerize internal services like Samba, LLMNR, or mDNS a.k.a Bonjour one may find that the standard Docker model of using specific unicast ports forwards, is insufficient.

Public Pi backyard camera (6)

A short talk / presentation about using the Raspberry Pi as a public backyard camera (e.g. live streamed or time lagged snapshots of a bird feeder).

Board game winning AI

How Artificial Intelligence can win at board games.

Ancient games, old computers, and new tech

About a member of the Mancala family of games known as Oware or Wari, with a look at an old Commodore 64 version as well as modern versions.

Ubuntu cloud images on Hyper-V

The official Ubuntu images that are built for Azure/Hyper-V really are only compatible with Hyper-V on Azure, but there is a solution…

Linux network monitoring

Linux network monitoring presentation using munin and nagios circa 2006