Among other things this is the home of Wild Tech ‘Garden’, and a technical documentation website for many topics and projects. It also hosts Daniel F. Dickinson’s resume and technical and professional blog.

Pixelized view of a rock garden the words ‘Wild Tech “Garden”: Where the wildtech grows’ as an overlay
Pixelized view of a rock garden the words 'Wild Tech "Garden": Where the wild tech grows' as an overlay(Image by Daniel F. Dickinson)

Wild Tech ‘Garden’ Business

Wild Tech ‘Garden’ is a recently registered business owned and operated by Daniel F. Dickinson that is currently engaged in a digital transformation project using the Microsoft Power Platform, for a local non-profit.

The owner

The current owner of Wild Tech ‘Garden’ (Daniel F. Dickinson) is a computing technology expert with decades of experience, and has actively learned new skills and technology throughout the years.

Daniel has recently obtained a current certification that demonstrate his existing general computing knowledge (CompTIA’s A+ certification) and is working towards Microsoft certifications to demonstrate the skills he is acquiring in Power Platform. These are on layered on top of Daniel’s Bachelor of Computing from the University of Guelph, the content on this website, and his extensive experience in the field.

Future members

In future, it is hoped that Wild Tech ‘Garden’ will gain additional members and become an even more exciting place for growing technology.