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Pi Unbound: The gift of DoT

Keeping your DNS queries from your local network to public DNS servers private in transit by using DNS over TLS on a Raspberry Pi is ridiculously easy.

Public Pi backyard camera (6)

A short talk / presentation about using the Raspberry Pi as a public backyard camera (e.g. live streamed or time lagged snapshots of a bird feeder).

Ubuntu cloud images on Hyper-V

The official Ubuntu images that are built for Azure/Hyper-V really are only compatible with Hyper-V on Azure, but there is a solution…

Linux network monitoring

Linux network monitoring presentation using munin and nagios circa 2006

ARM Libvirt/KVM virtualization (8)

For 32-bit ARM, whether you want an old school or UEFI virtual machine in Libvirt/KVM, and automated or ‘manual’ creation, here there are docs.