Disambiguation: Who we are not!

  • Divide and Conquer
    “We” have split out https://www.danielfdickinson.ca from this site because Wild Tech “Garden” is intended to be a pure technical site, and Daniel F. Dickinson is also interested in the technology-related politics, in addition to wishing… Continue reading Divide and Conquer
  • The Problem with Thin (Pools & Volumes)
    Linux LVM thin pools and volumes initially seem to be a great way maximize the use of hard drive space by using only the space that is actually allocated to files. There is a major… Continue reading The Problem with Thin (Pools & Volumes)
  • Back in Black
    I’ve fixed some issues with the site that resulted from the change of primary domain, especially redirection of ‘pretty names’ to page permalink.
  • A Font for all Ages
    Especially if you are older, have dirty or inadequate glasses, are just tired, or are using a small screen, you may have noticed that many sites use an excessively small font and that, worse, if… Continue reading A Font for all Ages
  • Proudly Canadian
    If you’re observant, you may notice that wildtechgarden.com now redirects to www.wildtechgarden.ca. If you use old the URLs you will not notice any difference thanks to the magic of redirection, but I decided to make… Continue reading Proudly Canadian
  • Moved Intro to WordPress
    Intro to WordPress as a single page post was waaayyyy too slow to load, so I’ve split it up into pages under ‘Projects’.
  • Archived: New OldNew Mashup Theme (Hugo)
    For kicks I’ve decided to have a live version of an archived project I was working on. It is a website theme I was creating for the Hugo static website generator. Since I decided to… Continue reading Archived: New OldNew Mashup Theme (Hugo)
  • Craig CLP281: Devuan Almost Saves the Day
    For completeness sake, here is how to get Devuan Jessie running on a Craig CLP281. This is a follow on article for (Almost) Modern Debian on a Craig CLP281 Netbook — V1.
  • Domain Updated
    You may notice that the domain this site is served from automatically changes to wildtechgarden.com. Don’t be alarmed, it’s the same site, Daniel has simply decided to have the primary domain be based on his blog’s codename / title rather than his ‘vanity’ domain. In part this makes the site more flexible if it becomes a collaborative effort, or should this become a ‘going concern’ (business).
  • Mission Complete – For Now
    The site is back, better than ever, and fully operational. All before the New Year!