About WTG

Technology consulting, writing, and more

Among other things this is the home of Wild Tech ‘Garden’ (a technology consulting business), and a technical documentation website on a variety of topics, projects, and presentations.

Wild Tech ‘Garden’ is a recently registered business owned and operated by Daniel F. Dickinson who is a computing technology expert with decades of experience. Daniel has actively learned new skills and technology throughout the years.

At present he is cross-skilling with the Microsoft Power Platform, as Microsoft is the dominant (almost only) platform used by businesses in his local area, and the time and opportunity were available for the education and practise.

In the process Daniel is developing a custom application using the Power Platform for a local non-profit. Daniel is also in the process of obtaining current certifications that demonstrate his existing general computing knowledge (CompTIA’s A+ certification) as well as the skills he is acquiring in Power Platform (Microsoft certifications). This is all in addition to Daniel’s Bachelor of Computing from the University of Guelph, the content on this website, and his extensive experience in the field.

In future, it is hoped that Wild Tech ‘Garden’ will gain additional members and become the local and regional preferred provider for high-level technical needs1.

If you came here expecting to see a garden, you may be interested in the garden that inspired the name of this site (when combined with Daniel being a ’techie’).

  1. Yes, there will be updated branding coming up! ↩︎