Disambiguating the Wild Tech 'Garden'

  • Like Wild Tech “Garden”:

    • https://wildtechoutdoors.com/
    • http://www.wildtech.org/ [HTTP only]
    • https://www.wildgarden.com/
    • https://wild-tech.com.au/
    • https://wts.co.zw/
  • Like Daniel F. Dickinson

    • https://d-f-d.com/ [now a dead link]
    • https://danieldickinson.me [now a bad certificate]
    • https://www.facebook.com/public/Daniel-Dickinson — I have deleted my Facebook account.
    • https://www.hciequity.com/our-people/dan-dickinson/ — I’m only going to list the top hits; there are many 1000’s of ‘Daniel Dickinson’ matches.
    • Any Dickenson, Dickson, etc — not me
    • https://www.dandickinsonmusic.com
    • https://dandickinson.com/ — I go by ‘Daniel’ not ‘Dan’, ‘Danielle’, ‘Dani’, ‘Danny’, etc.

I hope that helps you recognize who I am and who I am not (and if you weren’t looking for me, hopefully this helps you find who you really wanted to find).