Who we are

At the moment it is the ‘royal we’ and ‘I’ am

Daniel F. Dickinson

What personal data we collect and why we collect it


The theme for this site does not use cookies. It does use a third party service (Formspree) to receive forms (e.g. contact form) which may use cookies and does use reCAPTCHA technology from Google.

Contact Form

Information submitted in a contact form on this site may be transmitted to third parties and analyzed in accordance with Formspree’s privacy policy. In particular anti-spam measures are in place. Further data submitted in a contact form may (or may not) be retained indefinitely and may (or may not) be used as the site operator wishes subject to any applicable laws and regulations.

How long we keep your data, and who we share your data with

The website operator does not keep your data, except form submission and keeps standard web server logs containing your IP address and type of browser and operating system (User-Agent) and sometimes the site that got you to this site. The logs are rotated on a 14-day basis although backups may preserve the logs for a longer period of time.

These logs are used to get an general idea of which pages are being visited and from what (approximate) countries.