I’ve made yet more improvements to this website, but you should check out a high quality site built using Hugo, by an extremely helpful web professional. That illustrates what someone who’s career is web development can do with Hugo, rather than my puttering with web design as aside to the the things I on which I focus my energy.

Joe Mooring (the above-mentioned web professional), also has an excellent, and very professional series of articles on using Hugo. I now consider this recommended reading for those who wish to use Hugo.

I’ve also (with the help of over members the Hugo forums), add LQIP1 functionality to my image handling module for Hugo which does not require JavaScript. It is, however, not yet documented.

  1. Low Quality Image Placeholder: a small and quick to load image or colour gradient that takes the place a larger (and therefore slower to load) image, until the full image loads. ↩︎