Both this site’s homes have been moved to different hosting. That is both the code and web hosting have changed. OVHcloud is the new CDN and web host and GitHub stores the source code.

This is part of a long-term consolidation of ‘our’ hosting. In addition Daniel decided that OVHcloud is a pretty good deal and gets the job done. Even though the standard support (that is, online only) can be frustrating for speed, and sometimes for communication, it comes with the service without additional fees. When it becomes financially sound to do so (or necessary due to dependence on OVHcloud capabilities), Wild Tech ‘Garden’ will upgrade to a higher level support plan.

In the case of the source code hosting, Wild Tech ‘Garden’, in the person of Daniel F. Dickinson decided that GitHub was the preferred option because it is

  1. where more code is hosted, and
  2. it’s easier to be found, and to find others, on GitHub

Since Wild Tech ‘Garden’ decided to spend on GitHub, it didn’t make much sense to either also spend on GitLab, or to use the (less capable) free tier [of GitLab].

Circling back to OVHcloud decision for the CDN and web hosting, it seems to Wild Tech ‘Garden’ that using OVHcloud provides better performance to relevant areas of the world. Further Netlify is apparently not as good for SEO due to being blocked or blocking in various regions. Netlify (and full CI pipelines) are also overkill for the Wild Tech ‘Garden’ site, as well as other sites Daniel creates and hosts for personal and professional use.

Netlify also costs more than OVHcloud’s offering that meets Wild Tech ‘Garden’s needs.