I have achieved CompTIA A+ · ce certification, which is step one of my return-to-work plan. I’ve also been making progress on a few other fronts.

My next exams / certifications will all be by Microsoft, as the local tech job market is mostly about Power BI and data and business analytics. There are very occassionally other tech position, but the number of companies hiring for high level tech skills are few and far between. Still, I am concentrating on local positions as that is where the supports for returning to work that I have capacity/authority.

In other news, I have finally started making progress on shredding old (late 90’s and early 2000’s for some) paperwork. That is a result of having moved my office into another room. This was made necessary when I bought a sit/stand desk, and a proper office chair. These are essentials for me since I spend so much time at the computer.

I’ve also been getting my personal/business IT situation sorted out. This has been helped by separating my business finances, business login, and my business online accounts from my personal. So, working on a more clear separation of business/work and personal ‘stuff’.

I don’t recall of I have mentioned this, by I have registered ‘Wild Tech Garden’ as a business in Ontario, and am working on making my technical documentation site a subset of my business site (not yet live) at the same location (https://www.wildtechgarden.ca).

As part of that, I was working on a new website theme, whose site also hosted the demo sites for various Hugo development projects I have built, or which are on the go. I had intended to make the theme bilingual, but my French skills are insufficient to the task, so I’ll be removing that portion of the theme (or at least not building/including it) for now.

All in all I am making progress, and I am ecstatic about my success with the A+ certification!