I finished the second week of my new job! Though I did contract work for the same company a week before the holidays, at a very needed moment. So, I will have worked with them for three weeks, now.

I’ve started a part-time position at Ambient Activity as an ‘Integration Analyst’ were I am wearing many hats. To start, I’ve been getting acquainted with their products by building them (hardware and software assembly and preparation) and customer IT support. I am looking forward, though, to the variety of things I will be doing. This I find exciting because I will be helping Ambient grow and improve our products, which help those with dementia (and thereby their caregivers). To me it will be rewarding to be working for a company whose primary product line is designed to help others.

I’m currently part-time as I continue to work on a digital transformation project with a local non-profit, which I am hoping to bring that to a successful conclusion in the next few months.

These are great leaps forward in my life, and I am grateful to everyone who has supported and encouraged me.