I’ve begun the process of killing off all my WordPress sites and replacing them with sites built using Hugo. I’m doing this because I’ve had various issues with WordPress that look like the data has gotten into a bad state. In addition, it’s a lot easier for me to edit and manage my site offline and upload it than the WordPress system of editing in the web browser.

Since I’m doing this, I’m doing weeding and trimming of the site as well, so you may notice some posts are not longer available, and that others have had a bit of refreshing / clean up. It’s been well overdue.

I’m also going to be reorganizing the sites on my other domains, but what you saw on Daniel F. Dickinson on https://www.danielfdickinson.ca is what I was planning on having going forward (though I may change the ’look and feel’ aka theme). Around 2021-12-09 I merged www.danielfdickinson.ca and www.wildtechgarden.ca, still using Hugo but with a different theme.

I hope you enjoy the refreshed (and hopefully faster, site).

In the case of the Wild Tech “Garden”, I’m reinventing the site as less of a blog and more of a documentation and project information site. I think this better suits the type of information I’ve historically included here.

In addition, I have created a separate ‘Site News’ feed for mentioning updates to pages and administrative matters that tend to be rather short-lived in their usefulness (this is the closest to a blog that this site has).

[AUTHOR’S NOTE: Edited 2021-10-23 to reflect changes in reality]

On a side note, you may be interested to know that this site is currently was built using a new theme I am working on. It’s a Hugo Minimal Test Theme, which is to say a theme built for debugging Hugo sites. Despite being a test theme, the ‘silly little style’ I created to make the theme more palatable is reasonably pleasant, so I though I’d use it for this site.

NB The Hugo Minimal Test Theme no longer has the the ‘silly little style’ mentioned here, but I have [new Demo Site Theme](https://hugo-dfd-demo-site-theme.wildtechgarden.ca) which does have the ‘silly little style’.