Self-Reliance is Good, But Teamwork is Great

One of the lessons I’ve learned over the last few years is to relax and let others do what they do better than I.

For instance, I recently updated my ‘introduction card’ (aka business card), but this time instead of designing it myself, I decided to rely on the professional designer at the Midland Copy Shoppe. I am very glad that I did, and I will show you why.

All cards depicted below have been modified to reduce web exposure of things like my phone number and current email address (some old email addresses that I no longer use remain).

First a DIY card I made some years ago, and updated in 2020:

And now the card designed by a professional, with tweaks as I requested (except I redacted my phone number for the web):

Daniel F. Dickinson’s introduction card
(Darryl at the Midland Copy Shoppe)

Of course, they did offer me options. The initial set of choices they came up with (based on an updated version of my old card, with current information and a san-serif font, and possibly a quick peek at a previous version of this website) were:

One of the reasons the ’new-old’ card is different from the first example on this page is that I used a different program to create it. If I’d really taken the time to do so, I probably could have gotten much closer to the old card, but I decided to see what I could get for the very inexpensive design fee at the Copy Shoppe (around $20 for the design and $35 for 250 cards). I am very impressed and very glad I decided to go this route.

Kudos to the folks at the Copy Shoppe!