Changing sides in a developer ‘Holy War’

I recently added the following note to the README for my minimal-test-theme

For accessibility, source code uses tabs

Until recently I was ‘spaces over tabs’ developer, but I recently read a blog post by Bryce Wray about the accessibility argument for tabs over spaces and followed the links he gave. That and the fact of the ability of tabs to be handled better by braille or screen reader devices (or users who need to zoom their displays) being more than just ’taste’ but can in fact be a huge win for ‘getting stuff done’, convinced me. I also believe fact that some major sites don’t handle tabs well in code blocks is a reflection of poor site design, and should not be excused or catered to.

All it takes is (for example)

pre {
  tab-size: 3;

This marks the beginning of my efforts to move my codebases to tabs vs. spaces (where possible). I think it is worth the effort.

I’ve created a release of my minimal-test-theme which uses tabs instead of spaces.

As Bryce closes with in his article:

Whether efforts like these are worth the time where your own site’s code is concerned (assuming you’re in a dev environment where you even have the choice), only you can decide. But, as for this site and its code, it was my call to make; and I think I made the right one.

And of course there is more

Trying out some half-baked french translations of my modules

I’ve started making an attempt at having French translations of my modules as I work on them. I make no claims to great prose en française but I think it’s another case of trying to up my game when it comes to avoiding Ontario-based-anglophone-Canadian-centrism in my efforts and opinions. I’m no so sure I will succeed, but I will make the effort.

The Wild Tech “Garden” continues to see changes

Not just new content like this blog post, but many more changes to the modules and theme used to generate this site. I now have my Dananke Hugo theme approaching a point where I consider it to have what I consider ‘basic’ website functionality at a level where if I wanted to do so, I could leave it for a while.

I don’t plan on doing that, however. I have many more upgrades and improvements for the modules that power the theme and the theme itself.

I’ve also been trying work on Alpine Linux

Both as a user of the distribution as well as contributing to improving it in ways that I think are useful. And you may have noticed my Alpine Linux as as Server section on this web site.

Impatiently waiting for the ‘go’ on vocational rehab

On my personal blog in a post in which I wrote about not running for local municipal council, I also wrote about the drawn out process to get support for getting back into my career.

Keeping busy keeps me sane

Or at least not feeling miserable due to boredom. In any event, there will be much more to write about, as I make progress on improving myself and my tech life.