This isn’t only to deal with the excessive buildup of less than stellar content (cruft), but is a part of my plan to revamp my web presence quite significantly. The process will lead to changes on my other sites, in combination with yet more changes to this site.

If you are sure you need the old content, you can search for it on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, specifically automated captures of the history of

I decided to undergo this transformation of my web presence because I realized I was getting a bit away from my original plan for returning to work, and that with the achievement of my CompTIA A+ · ce certification that I may have an alternative return to work option that doesn’t involve having to deal with Microsoft’s Power Platform.

The reason that matters is that I have become increasingly less impressed by the platform the more I learn about it, and use it. Besides being slow and glitchy, it only works effectively for very simple projects (for the Power Apps part of it). Power BI seems to be pretty snazzy, but the certifications are (mostly) not only for Power BI.

I will be be discussing this with my return to work team as it may mean a shortening of the path I was on, and looking for at least part time work immediately (since I already have a part-time contract). I’m not sure if this will work with the way the return to work program is structured. If not, I’m hopeful there is another alternative that I’ll be happier about.

Even without a change in plans, I have been needing to update my online presence, so hopefully the changes I make, are reasonable.