Automating a personal 'cloud' infrastructure

How Daniel uses Ansible to develop, test, and deploy his own mail servers, calendar/addressbook, websites, git archive server, and more.

This is not total ‘Continuous Delivery’ but is ‘Continuous Integration’ and ‘Continuous Deployment’ (that is basic verification and deployment of the infrastructure during development, testing (staging), and public deployment is automated).

Note that as of 2023-02-18 (February 18, 2023), this is still under development and not yet used for a live production deployment. It is, however used for development (local) ‘staging’ deployments. ‘Production’ use is getting close, and this series is lagging the actual development.

Bare metal cloud-init

On using a Debian ‘cloud’ image and cloud-init on a ‘bare-metal’ host for fast deployment.

Creating base VM images

On using Packer to create the base images Daniel uses for personal ‘cloud’ infrastructure.