IvC: Continuing templating

What is in this article


Adding templating with the ability to add files to the instance and to run scripts during the instance deployment will get us most of the way to a complete solution for our needs, so that’s what this page is about.


The scripts described in this section are available in a Git repo @ https://github.com/danielfdickinson/ivc-in-the-wtg-experiments.

Section Contents

Next Steps

  • Add runcmd and bootcmd sections to userdata-default.yaml.jinja
  • Add the full set of required files for the desired instances
  • Combine with create-instances.py script
  • Add public DNS updating (required to meet some dependencies) (OVH API, not OpenStack)
  • Test launch the desired instances
  • Improve the code & config, test, improve, etc until satisfied (for now).
  • Add a wrap up note for this series.