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Guide to Layout

Guide to OldNew Mashup Layout


Part Description
Title Page title
head/theme partial BaseURL, CSS, JS, and metadata for all pages in theme
head/site partial Allows to override / extend head-theme partial for a particular site

head/theme partial

Part Description
rendering metadata charset, viewport, etc
metadata description, keywords, etc
BaseURL (optional) BaseURL definition
CSS links Pull in templatized SCSS to generate site CSS
JS links Javascript for site
Alternative output Non-HTML output


Part Description
site-badge The site logo (if it exists) and title as a button that loads the landing page
menubar The dropdown/flyout menu and the search box and results element (the results element is hidden by default)

Site Badge for Page

Part Description
graphics-row The combined set of site-badge-graphic classed images and/or text (one row)
siteid The short text acting as user-visible site identifier (e.g. OldNew Mashup)

Top Bar Menubar

Part Description
menubar-site-menu-list The list that gets styled as a dropdown / flyout menu
search-query The search form which contains the search input box and submit (‘Search’) button
search-results Empty and not displayed by default; is made visible and populated by the onSubmit action of the search-query form

Main <main> block

  • Title as H1 heading with nice styling in ‘Main Article’ section
Part Description
Main article (name of section varies) The main body not including sidebar, header, or footer
Section Contents / Lists (for list pages) The pages or list items that that this section/list page is associated with
Sidebar Optional: sidebar if enough room on screen (otherwise after main body)
Footer Footer (Links and Colophon)

Main Article for Page

Part Description
Article heading Page title as H1 heading; content H1 heading in content is suppressed (but used by Table of Contents)
Categories (if present in metadata) Page categories (taxonomies)
Table of Contents (on left) Page contents (floated left)
The actual article Varies
Tags (if present in metadata) Page tags (taxonomies)

Page Sidebar

Part Description
Local nav bar Optional: on large screens – on small screens local nav bar is first after main menu
Section navigation Optional: navigation with the current section of pages
News items Optional: max 5
Recently modified pages Optional: max 5
Events Optional: max 5
Part Description
footer-links Various links (see Reference Guide )
colophon Various document information bits

Colophon for Document

Part Description
license Copyright and license information; flattened (styling) unordered list of licenses for the and another for site as a whole
doc-date A box that appears when hovered over (on large screens; on small screens it just appears at bottom of page) and show three relevant dates for the documents (created, modified, generated)