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Quick Start

Quick Start

  1. Obtain the code in one of the following ways:
    • Grab a release tarball from and place it in your site’s ‘themes’ directory. NB the theme directory must be named ‘new-oldnew-mashup’. If you extract from a ZIP or tarball you’ll probably have ‘new-oldnew-mashup-<version>’ and will need to rename it.
    • hugo mod get to define the use of a Hugo Module. correctly. (Don’t do this if you’re using the ZIP above).
  2. Add theme = "new-oldnew-mashup" to your ‘config.toml’ (or the equivalent for YAML or JSON if you use one of those).
  3. Generate and view the site:
    • Generate your site with hugo, and copy the public directory to a web server and browse to the appropriate location on the server.
    • Generate and serve a local live version with hugo server -b http://localhost:1313/, and browse to http://localhost:1313.
  4. For configuration and options see OldNew Mashup Documentation.

NB If you are deploying from ZIP or tarball and attempt to create a site by copying the ‘config.toml’ from ‘exampleSite’ into the theme, the build will fail complaining that it’s not a git repository. In that case remove enableGitInfo = true from your ‘config.toml’.

Some features require Hugo Extended

Changing the styling via Params (e.g. colour selection) requires Hugo Extended as the CSS must be regenerated from the base SCSS. The SCSS to CSS translation functionality only exists in Hugo Extended.