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Initial Purchase / Install

  1. Choose a hosting service
  2. If the hosting service is not also a domain registrar, sign up for a domain with a domain hosting service.
  3. For a ‘all-in-one’ hosting service (Domain registration, plus DNS, plus hosting of WordPress), you choose one or more domains as part of the signup (onboarding) process.
    • For example I have and pointing to a WordPress instance. In addition, and point to the same WordPress instance (though different from the one for the wildtechgarden.* domains).
  4. In the address bar use https NOT http. (http is unencrypted and is less secure).

Browser address bar showing using WordPress SSL


  1. The full URL (web address) of you WordPress Login page is: https://domain.tld/wp-login (where domain.tld is the domain you purchased such as
    • I recommend you do not click on the email link as it uses http.

WordPress login screen

Edit the Admin User

  1. On the top right, select admin Admin user drop down menu
  2. In the drop down select admin Admin User settings screen
  3. Scroll down to the ‘New Password’ Section.
  4. Select ‘Generate Password’ Generated password
  5. Record your new password.
  6. Select ‘Update’.
  7. ‘Log Out Everywhere Else’

Set some basic site settings

  1. On the left sidebar, select ‘Settings’ and scroll to ‘Site Language’ General settings page
  2. Choose ‘English (Canada)’ (for Canadian viewers only).
  3. Select ‘Save Changes’

Make sure WordPress is up to date

  1. Select ‘Please update now.’ General Settings with please update now message
  2. Select ‘Update Now’ Update page
  3. Once the update is complete you will see ‘WordPress 5.6’ (as of 2021-01-28 8:11 AM EST) and a title ‘Welcome to WordPress 5.6’.

A few things remain for a secure WordPress site in 2021.

Select Site Theme

  1. On the left, select ‘Appearance’ Theme page
  2. Select ‘Update now’ on the ‘Twenty Twenty-One theme.
  3. Then select ‘Activate’.

You’re now running WordPress with the Twenty Twenty One theme.

Next up: using the ‘Site Health’ tool.