Obtain the official Alpine Linux image

Choose tarball to download based on the model of Pi you have

  • Partial table of model of Raspberry Pi to Linux kernel max architecture available (where aarch64 > armv7 > armhf). armhf should be a ‘safe’ choice for all models, but aarch64 is preferred when possible, then armv7, then armhf.
Pi Aarmhf
Pi Barmhf
Pi 2 Aarmhf
Pi B+armhf
Pi Zeroarmhf
Pi Zero Warmhf
Pi 2 Barmv7
Pi Zero 2aarch64(?)
CM 3aarch64
Pi 2 B v1.2aarch64
Pi 3aarch64
Pi 4 Baarch64

You should obtain the appropriate tarball as well as sha256 and GnuPG signatures for that tarball, based on the arch available, which depends on your model (above).

ArchLast stable directory
armhfLatest stable armhf
armv7Latest stable armv7
aarch64Latest stable aarch64

Verify the tarball has the expected contents

See ‘verify downloaded installation media’.