Systems with No RTC (real-time clock)

Includes the Raspberry Pi family of SBC (single board computers).

  1. Disable hwclock (if enabled; on the Raspberry Pi it has already been disabled).

    service hwclock stop
    rc-update hwclock disable boot
  2. Enable swclock (only useful if /sbin/openrc-run is preserved across boots. For a system mode (classic) install this helps. For a diskless, data, or our hybrid install, it isn’t. Also note that for the Raspberry Pi it comes pre-enabled.

    rc-update swclock enable boot
    service swclock start

Low entropy systems

Includes headless Raspberry Pi systems.

  1. Add and enable RNG tools package

    • The Raspberry Pi has a hardware RNG
    • rng-tools includes the ‘jitter’ entropy source which is an improvement on ‘haveged’ so we recommend using rng-tools rather than the haveged package. (Thank you to Dermot Bradley for pointing this out).
    apk add rng-tools
    rc-update add rngd boot default
    service rngd start



Kernel commandline or device-tree / config

Guides for setting kernel parameters