Use Alpine Linux setup sub-scripts for network/DNS

  1. Execute setup-keymap # To make sure you can successfully do keyboard input
  2. Execute setup-hostname.
  3. Execute setup-interfaces.
  4. Execute ifup eth0 # Or the appropriate interface for your system.
  5. Execute setup-dns (if not using DHCP).

Use Alpine Linux setup sub-script get setup network time

  • Execute setup-ntp # If you don’t setup NTP the time may be differ too much from internet hosts, resulting in failure attempting to use HTTPS, below.

Use Alpine Linux setup sub-script to enable package repos

  • Execute setup-apkrepos.

    You can use this as many times as you wish. Each time will append the repository you select in /etc/apk/respositories. This allows you to have multiple mirrors in your configuration, in case the default one is giving you trouble.

  • Execute apk update.

  • You are now ready to install the needed packages.