You’ll want to be careful during the LBU configuration and APK cache configuration sections using the default setup-alpine script. You also need to have pre-mounted the partition(s) that will hold the LBU and APK cache (see Create semi-data/semi-diskless install).

Use ‘setup-alpine’, cautiously

Some steps (like setting up the network) will have the answers you previously gave. This can save typing if you want to keep the same answer, but if you wish to change your answers, you can.

  • After setting up (or disabling) SSH you should see a prompt asking if you want to use your boot partition to store your configuration: You should say no to that prompt.
  • At the next prompt, the default option of those presented should be the config partition you created and mounted earlier (examples: mmcblk0p2 or sda2). If so, just press the [ENTER] key at this prompt. If not enter the config partition you created (the mmcblk0p2 or sda2 examples, above) and then the [ENTER] key.
  • Now you should be at a shell prompt and should commit your settings to the LBU (configuration store, which will be located on your config partition).

Alternatively use automation or a more manual setup