First real post

Add a 'real' post

  1. Now select ‘New|Post’
  2. This looks very similar to the ‘Page’ editor, but there are more drop down options.
  3. Notice for instance the ‘Post format’ which has quite a list of options. You will definitely want to view the WordPress Documentation.
  4. You will probably want to add at least one category from ‘Categories’, and add multiple tags. Page editor showing categories and tagsPage editor showing categories and tags
  5. Categories are usually broader and may be in a tree (hierarchy).
    • The editing page as it looks with a ‘Featured Image’ and ‘Excerpt’. Page editor showing ‘Featured Image’ and ‘Excerpt’Page editor showing ‘Featured Image’ and ‘Excerpt’
    • Both are optional.
    • A ‘Featured Image’ is highly recommended.
  6. Publish it and ‘View Post’. First Real Post after publishingFirst Real Post after publishing

You will notice the graphic is below the title but above the post.