1. Now select the site name|Menus (e.g. MPLMP Demo|Menus) Modifying Top MenuModifying Top Menu
  2. Check ‘About’ and select ‘Add to Menu’
  3. Click on ‘Sample Page’ and select ‘Remove’
  4. Select ‘Save Menu’
  5. Select site name|Visit Site (e.g. MPLMP Demo|Visit Site)
  6. You will see ‘About’ instead of ‘Sample Page’ on the top right.
  7. Select ‘Dashboard’ again.
  8. Select ‘Pages|All Pages’ All Pages screen while hovering over ‘Sample Page’All Pages screen while hovering over ‘Sample Page’
  9. Hover over ‘Sample Page’ and select ‘Trash’
  10. If you now select ‘Trash (1)’ you can permanently delete the ‘Sample Page’.