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Board Game Winning AI

On my personal professional blog I published a presentation about how Artificial Intelligence can win at board games. I put the pointer here because it has links to a fair bit of technical information although it doesn’t get into the details itself (which is why I didn’t add the presentation under Projects on this site).

Introducing a Hugo Debug Table

An interesting tool that was suggested to the author, and which he has made available as a module for others who wish to use it, is a set of Hugo Debug Tables which one can view on the debug-tables demo website. The tables provide a comprehensive set if information about the variables that are in play when using the Hugo site generator, on every page or via shortcode, depending on one’s preference.
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A Windows-Centric Windows and Linux Setup

“We” have added a new set of pages for a Windows-Centric Combined Windows and Linux Setup. As mentioned in Halting Infrastructure via Code Project, this is about reducing the amount of time spent on tasks not core to what we wish to achieve.

Moved Back to Netlify

This website has moved back to Netlify for reasons I opine about on my personal professional blog. I won’t repeat it here, but it’s definitely a timesaver and more convenient.

Halting Infrastructure via Code Project

The following summarizes why we have halted work on the Infrastructure via Code Learning Project: While our internal tests (using private data that would need to be replaced with dummy data) of a full config were successful, frustrations with ‘our’ OpenStack hosting provider (and researching other Canadian OpenStack providers suggests that there aren’t others doing a better job, and that my current provider is the one with the greatest chance of ‘business continuity’) has led to the conclusion that it’s not a viable cloud alternative for us.
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Add Ubuntu Cloud Local Hyper V

Another interesting update today: the Ubuntu Cloud Images on Hyper-V page now details how to use Packer to build a local Hyper-V compatible Ubuntu Cloud Image when starting with a generic Ubuntu Cloud Image (because the Azure/Hyper-V images only use an Azure datasource for cloud-init, and are therefore not usable on local Hyper-V).

Gitea Pi Server Updates

In the wee hours of the morning I did some updates to Raspberry Pi OS for a Server and Gitea Pi. Mostly fixes, but also some changes due to a change in personal preferences for the setup.

Adding Learning Process for Infrastructure Via Code

As we journey with OVHcloud Canada’s Public Cloud Infrastracture we report on the trials and tribulations and the solutions with which we are experimenting. Our First Steps With The OpenStack SDK are showing promise, and in any event we hope you will enjoy the victories and mishaps, and learn something useful along the way.

Update in the Clouds

As our local infrastructure updates come to an end, we have one more collection of articles. Today we add setting up an Intel NUC(-like) Server as well as Hosting a Local Nextcloud. In addition, we add a couple of brief notes. The first is Moving a PostgreSQL Server, and the second covers Resetting Nextcloud. While at it, we update Using XCA to Create Private SSL Certificates to include information on adding the certificates to desktop clients so that the servers / private sites can be viewed from user desktops (for users whose desktops are so configured).
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Gitea Pi Backup

This update adds backup configuration information to the Gitea Pi article.