OpenStack infrastructure via code

Deploying and managing infrastructure on OpenStack via bespoke code

Infrastructure via Code (IvC) (12)

Learning experiments in using bespoke code & data under version control to consistently deploy virtual and bare metal hosts and the applications on them.

IvC: OpenStackSDK first steps

Since OpenStackSDK should theoretically make life easier for doing Infrastructure via Code, this is approach which which this learning effort has begun.

IvC: Bare bones script (3)

Continuing with the a bare bones OpenStackSDK-based deployment of instances

Adding security groups

Adding security groups to an OpenStackSDK-based instance deployment

IvC: Complete templating

This page was intended to complete the OpenStack SDK with templated userdata portion of this Infrastructure via Code set

First, just a template

Adding more a complete template to an OpenSDK-based templated instance deployment