Terms for the 'tags' taxonomy

Categorisation labels (taxonomy) called ’tags’, attached to pages, for finding related content

Alpine (25) [alpine]

Articles and Pages for which the use of Alpine Linux is significant

Archived articles (13) [archived]

Articles which are no longer updated, and are known to be out of date

ARM Development (9) [arm-devel]

Articles / pages about developing for ARM hardware or tools for so doing

Debian (11) [debian]

Articles / pages for which Debian is significant (e.g. configuration based on stock Debian)

Deploy (12) [deploy]

Deploying and provisioning systems, especially with automation

Development (10) [devel]

Topics in developing software, firmware, hardware or web projects

Firmware (8) [firmware]

Topics in firmware design and development (software built into hardware)

Git (1) [git]

Using Git version control and related tools (like GitLab and GitHub)

HOWTOs (13) [howtos]

Various documents and HOWTO guides, for technology

Linux (48) [linux]

Using, developing for, and managing Linux-based systems