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Articles which are no longer updated, and are known to be out of date

Generate random problems

This section outlines the algorithms used to generate the problems the various solving algorithms were tested against.

Bibliography and Appendices

Bibliography and appendices for selected algorithms against the Zebra and Sherlock problems

A font for all ages

Especially if you are older, have dirty or inadequate glasses, are just tired, or are using a small screen, you may find websites use an excessively small font.

(Almost) modern Debian for a Craig CLP281

Around 2011 Android devices based on the WonderMedia 8xxx-series SoC (ARM v5) were being sold as netbooks. This article describes how to get Devuan Jessie running from SD card on one such: a Craig CLP281 Netbook.

Infrastructure via Code (IvC) (12)

Learning experiments in using bespoke code & data under version control to consistently deploy virtual and bare metal hosts and the applications on them.

Linux network monitoring

Linux network monitoring presentation using munin and nagios circa 2006