Articles / pages for which Debian is significant (e.g. configuration based on stock Debian)

ARM Libvirt/KVM virtualization (8)

For 32-bit ARM, whether you want an old school or UEFI virtual machine in Libvirt/KVM, and automated or ‘manual’ creation, here there are docs.

Bare metal cloud-init

On using a Debian ‘cloud’ image and cloud-init on a ‘bare-metal’ host for fast deployment.

(Almost) modern Debian for a Craig CLP281

Around 2011 Android devices based on the WonderMedia 8xxx-series SoC (ARM v5) were being sold as netbooks. This article describes how to get Devuan Jessie running from SD card on one such: a Craig CLP281 Netbook.

Automating a personal 'cloud' infrastructure (2)

How Daniel uses Ansible to develop, test, and deploy his own mail servers, calendar/addressbook, websites, git archive server, and more.

Pi Unbound: The gift of DoT

Keeping your DNS queries from your local network to public DNS servers private in transit by using DNS over TLS on a Raspberry Pi is ridiculously easy.

Intro to Raspberry Pi OS

Raspberry Pi OS is the official OS for the Raspberry Pi family of educational single board computers. Using Pi OS (including remotely).

Create the UEFI ARM image and boot files

Create an UEFI (newish) ARM Hard Float (32-bit) image and boot files for Libvirt/KVM using automated image build using Packer.

UEFI automated ARM for Libvirt/KVM (2)

Create an UEFI (newish) ARM hardfloat (32-bit) virtual machine for Libvirt/KVM using automated image build using Packer.