Using Git version control and related tools (like GitLab and GitHub)

VSCode Multipass instance creation

Daniel uses Multipass rather than VSCode devcontainers, since he has some Windows machines with no Hyper-V and can’t run Docker Desktop, which devcontainers on Windows requires.

Real life SystemD timers

Most blog entries on SystemD timers give trivial samples. This article takes a different approach and provides the full details of two examples of using SystemD timers that are in active use on my systems.

Gitea Pi

This article describes setting up a Raspberry Pi Model B+ as a private Gitea (lightweight Git hosting) server.

Edit-test-website CI/CD lifecycle demo

Tools Used For this demonstration we show the use of Visual Studio Code We also use GitHub And Netlify Before Website screenshot of website before pushing commit Creating a Commit Create a Branch Not shown here, but you should create a separate branch to create a pull request. Edit the Post screenshot of a post in Visual Studio Code with the text to be deleted highlighted Stage Your Changes Not shown here, but you should ‘stage’ the changes you want to commit.

Intro to Git and GitHub

What is in this article Overview Some Publishing Notes Version Control and Beyond Git Ecosystem (Where Git is Used and Why) Git is Everywhere Why Git is Used Types of Projects (Sample) Why Use Either GitHub or Their Competition Sign-up is Easy GitHub Provides Learning Materials Demonstration Git and Visual Studio Code Setup on Windows Setup Overview Install Chocolatey Install Visual Studio Code, Git for Windows, and Git Credential Manager Configure Git for Windows (Recommendations) Install Extensions for Visual Studio Code (Recommendations) Learn and Use Visual Studio Code Learn and Use Git Overview Git is used extensively worldwide for many type of software and internet and other types of publishing projects (among others).

Lightweight public Git self hosting

Public git self hosting can be desirable for a number of reasons. Here we discuss a very lightweight alternative.