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VSCode Multipass instance creation

Daniel uses Multipass rather than VSCode devcontainers, since he has some Windows machines with no Hyper-V and can’t run Docker Desktop, which devcontainers on Windows requires.

Two-repo Netlify technique for module CI

Having a demo/test site embedded in a Hugo module causes large bandwidth consumption during its normal use as a module. We split the site and module into separate git repos, but keep a deploy as part of the CI process.

Netboot Alpine Linux using iPXE

It can be especially useful to use network booting to create virtual machines without using install media on the VM. To do that we netboot with iPXE.

Configure off-system backups

You should backup your system. Really. Oh, and it should be to at least one other system.

HOWTOs (6)

Miscellaneous tasks and possibly useful things to do on your Alpine Linux system.

Add etckeeper

While the LBU mechanism with backups allows restoring to previous state it lacks commented history. It also does not apply to ‘sys’ mode installs.

Add man pages and other on-system docs

For many systems you should have plenty of available RAM and storage to add the online documentation (mostly in the form of man pages).

Add pre-mount filesystem check

Where possible it is a best practise to safely check your filesystems before mounting them. Here we add the needed packages.