System Administration, Ops and DevOps

Administering computer systems, automating admin and deployment, and reproducible ops and DevOps

ARM Libvirt/KVM virtualization (8)

For 32-bit ARM, whether you want an old school or UEFI virtual machine in Libvirt/KVM, and automated or ‘manual’ creation, here there are docs.

Bare metal cloud-init

On using a Debian ‘cloud’ image and cloud-init on a ‘bare-metal’ host for fast deployment.

Automating a personal 'cloud' infrastructure (2)

How Daniel uses Ansible to develop, test, and deploy his own mail servers, calendar/addressbook, websites, git archive server, and more.

Netboot Alpine Linux using iPXE

It can be especially useful to use network booting to create virtual machines without using install media on the VM. To do that we netboot with iPXE.

Choose installation type

A guide to some of your options for you target install ’type’ when using Alpine Linux

Add and use filesystem tools

You need to add the tools that will let you format/create one or more additional volumes/filesystems of your choice.