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Generate random problems

This section outlines the algorithms used to generate the problems the various solving algorithms were tested against.

Bibliography and Appendices

Bibliography and appendices for selected algorithms against the Zebra and Sherlock problems

Board game winning AI

How Artificial Intelligence can win at board games.

Ancient games, old computers, and new tech

About a member of the Mancala family of games known as Oware or Wari, with a look at an old Commodore 64 version as well as modern versions.

Dating with accelerators

Uses the basic principles of radioactive dating and combines them with advanced isotope measurements to obtain very precise results from small samples.

Definitions for Zebra and Sherlock

What is in this article General Definitions Problem Definitions General Definitions arc consistency The domains of a variable Vi is such that for each constraint Ci,j Vi is consistent with the constraint for some permissible value of Vj for every value in the domain of Vi That is for every value x in Di (the domain of i) there exists some y in Dj such that Ci,j is satisfied. It is important to note that arc consistency is directional (that is (Vi , Vj ) being arc consistent does not mean (Vj , Vi ) is arc consistent).