Running servers and other software in Virtual Machines in the cloud or on local hardware

ARM Libvirt/KVM virtualization (8)

For 32-bit ARM, whether you want an old school or UEFI virtual machine in Libvirt/KVM, and automated or ‘manual’ creation, here there are docs.

Bare metal cloud-init

On using a Debian ‘cloud’ image and cloud-init on a ‘bare-metal’ host for fast deployment.

Fast builds of armel software on Linux x64

The fastest and most practical way to build software for armel is to cross-compile on an x86_64 machine even for a Linux 2.6-series kernel

Building for armel on Linux x64 using Docker

The cross-compilation toolchains builtin to most modern Linux distributions do not support older versions of GCC. This article describes setting up a virtual ARM environment for doing armel (ARMv5) compilation using docker containers

Automating a personal 'cloud' infrastructure (2)

How Daniel uses Ansible to develop, test, and deploy his own mail servers, calendar/addressbook, websites, git archive server, and more.

Ubuntu cloud images on Hyper-V

The official Ubuntu images that are built for Azure/Hyper-V really are only compatible with Hyper-V on Azure, but there is a solution…

Create the UEFI ARM image and boot files

Create an UEFI (newish) ARM Hard Float (32-bit) image and boot files for Libvirt/KVM using automated image build using Packer.

UEFI automated ARM for Libvirt/KVM (2)

Create an UEFI (newish) ARM hardfloat (32-bit) virtual machine for Libvirt/KVM using automated image build using Packer.

Use the UEFI ARM image

Use an UEFI (newish) ARM Hard Float (32-bit) image for Libvirt/KVM using automated image.