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Designing and developing websites and other projects and tools on the web, and internet at large

A font for all ages

Especially if you are older, have dirty or inadequate glasses, are just tired, or are using a small screen, you may find websites use an excessively small font.

Hugo: Ignore a line with markdownlint

When using markdownlint-cli/markdownlint-cli2 or the vscode-markdownlint extension for VSCode, one may wish to ignore a particular line. Here is a cheap way to do that using a shortcode.

Two-repo Netlify technique for module CI

Having a demo/test site embedded in a Hugo module causes large bandwidth consumption during its normal use as a module. We split the site and module into separate git repos, but keep a deploy as part of the CI process.

WPXR to static

Convert from WordPress XML export to static site generator (Hugo)

Edit-test-website CI/CD lifecycle demo

Tools Used For this demonstration we show the use of Visual Studio Code We also use GitHub And Netlify Before Website screenshot of website before pushing commit Creating a Commit Create a Branch Not shown here, but you should create a separate branch to create a pull request. Edit the Post screenshot of a post in Visual Studio Code with the text to be deleted highlighted Stage Your Changes Not shown here, but you should ‘stage’ the changes you want to commit.